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Qantas Golf Club

The tremendous amount of marketing of Golf and the Qantas Golf Club has greatly enhanced exposure of the game of golf. In addition to the large billboard sites in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the Qantas Golf Club marketing includes airport terminal promotion through terminal and aerobridge signage as well as on the rear of boarding passes. The inflight television segment with Kerri-Anne Kennerley is also supported by advertisements and editorial in the Qantas inflight magazine.   A major print media campaign has been launched with publications such as Inside Golf, Golf Australia and the Financial Review Magazine. Golf and golf clubs alone could never fund a marketing campaign of this magnitude and we are confident that the heightened exposure of golf through the QGC marketing should have a flow on effect to getting more golfers playing golf and joining golf clubs.

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Contact Name: James Cooper
Phone: 1300 733 465
Mobile: 0417 723 494