Year President Secretary/Treasurer/EO Conference
1949 A.T. Barton D.A. McMullan Victoria
1953 (*1-2) A.T. Barton J. Alderdice New South Wales
1955 A.T. Barton J. Alderdice Victoria
1957 S.G. Towler D.C. Whillans New South Wales
1959 J.S. Alenson V.R. Dickensen Victoria
1961 J.S. Alenson M.C. Barnes New South Wales
1963 J. Merrick S.J. Casey Queensland
1965 E. Coker F. Sands New South Wales
1967 A. Markes F. Sands New South Wales
1969 J. Miller W. March Victoria
1971 V. Laymond W. March South Australia
1973 A. Marks G. Walker New South Wales
1975 E. Coker G. Walker Queensland
1977 (*3) K. Bartlett W. Martin Western Australia
1979 J. Merrick J. Le Boeuf Victoria
1981 (*4) D. Sanders C. McNamara South Australia
1983 K. Lyons R. Matheson New South Wales
1985 E. Coker M. O’Rourke Queensland
1987 T.A. Monteath Mrs B. Friedlander Western Australia
1989 I. Hibbins R. West Victoria
1991 R. Lewis A. Thiele South Australia
1993 R. Matheson G. Christian New South Wales
1995 J. Vassar I. Winkel New Zealand
1997 D. Gregory R. Huggins Queensland
1999 (*5) T.A. Monteath Mrs B. Friedlander Western Australia
2001 J.D. Stamp P.J. Rak Victoria
2003 K. Robinson D. Will South Australia
2005 G. Christian W. Francis New South Wales
2007 (*6) M.A. Mason S. Parker Queensland
2008 M.A. Mason B.R. White  
2009 (*7-8) M.A. Mason D.C. Allen Western Australia
2010 (*9) D.A. Burton D.C. Allen  
2011 D.A. Burton D.C. Allen Victoria
2012 D.A. Burton  D.C. Allen   
2013 D.A. Burton D.C. Allen New South Wales
2014 D.M. Lonnie D.C. Allen  
2015 D.M. Lonnie D.C. Allen Queensland
2016 S.B. Fenton D.C. Allen / J.D. Stamp  
2017 S.B. Fenton / A. Gay J.D. Stamp / J. Cail South Australia
2018 A. Gay J. Cail  

Historical Notes

(*1) Western Australia and South Australia admitted to the Association.
(*2) Inaugural Constitution Adopted (NSW x 2, Vic x 2, Qld x 1, SA x 1, WA x 1)
A.T. Barton – The Lakes, J. Alderdice – Long Reef, J.H. Hill – Kingswood, E.A. Avery – Yarra Yarra, J. Armstrong – Indooroopilly, M.K. Jones – Glenelg, and E. Staunton – Cottesloe
(*3) Federal Council to consist of two delegates from each State.
(*4) John A Merrick Perpetual Trophy inaugurated.
(*5) Leon Thompson Memorial Trophy inaugurated.
(*6) Golf Management Australia Ltd. Constitution adopted and National Board appointed – July, 2007. (M. Mason – Nudgee, G. Hurford – Monash, N. Thornton – Sandhurst, B. White – Cottesloe, and J. Zadow – Glenelg)
(*7) Billie Friedlander Trophy inaugurated.
(*8) Championship Cup named “Ted Coker Championship Cup”.
(*9) Inaugural Executive Officer, D.C. Allen appointed.
(*10) Full Time Executive Officer, J. Cail appointed.

Life Members

J. Alderdice (1967 – deceased)
E. Coker (1987)
D. Sanders (1991 – deceased)
T.A. Monteath (1999)
M.A. Mason (2013)
D.A. Burton (2015)

Major Trophy Winners

Jack Merrick Memorial Trophy (Best five of seven Stroke net scores per State team: 1965 to 2011. From 2013, best five of seven handicap Stableford scores)

1965    Queensland 1993    New Zealand
1967    New South Wales 1995    Victoria
1969    New South Wales 1997    Victoria
1971    New South Wales 1999    Queensland / Western Australia
1973    Queensland 2001    Victoria
1975    Western Australia 2003    Victoria
1977    New South Wales 2005    New South Wales
1979    Queensland 2007    New South Wales
1981    Queensland 2009    New South Wales
1983    New South Wales 2011    New South Wales
1985    Queensland 2013    Western Australia
1987    Victoria 2015    Queensland
1989    South Australia 2017    Queensland
1991    South Australia  

Ted Coker Championship Cup (*Best Gross Stroke Score: 2009 and 2011. From 2013, Best Scratch Stableford Score)  

2009*    B. White (Cottesloe GC, WA)
2011*     B. Ellam (North Ryde GC, NSW)
2013      B. Ellam (Lynwood CC, NSW)
2015      S. Maynard (Sea View GC, WA)
2017      D. Shearer (Bunbury GC, WA)

Leon Thompson Memorial Trophy (Best Men’s Stableford Score)

1999     R. Shepherd (Royal Hobart GC, Tas.)
2001     P. Hall (Mornington CGC, Vic.)
2003     P. Parks (Kew GC, Vic)
2005     D. Weigand (RAE GC, NSW)
2007     A. Gibson (Surfers Paradise GC, Qld.)
2009     D. Brand (Glenelg GC, SA)
2011      N. Mackenzie (The Vines GC, SA)
2013      C. McGill (Horton Park GC, Qld)
2015      B. Dobson (Headland GC, Qld)
2017      A. Rosillo (Massey Park GC, NSW)

Billie Friedlander Perpetual Trophy (Best Women’s Stableford Score)

2009     S. Purnell (Mt Coolum GC, Qld)
2011      S. Purnell (Mt Coolum GC, Qld)
2013      M. Vernon (Pambula-Merimbula GC, NSW)
2015      F. Errington (Cardinia-Beaconhills GC, Vic)
2017      M. Castaldi (WA Golf Club, WA)


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