AEES Group partners with GMA

GMA is proud to announce a new national partnership with the AEES Group.  The AEES Group is recognised as one of Australia’s leading end-to-end energy management companies, providing customised solutions that help businesses and golf clubs manage the complexities of the evolving energy market.

The AEES Group are a national organisation whose energy cost reduction approach has proved very successful. Using highly accurate cost benefit analysis, the company’s solutions include Performance Guarantees for Grid derived energy cost reduction. Services include design and installation, finance, monitoring and maintenance. 

One of the key areas of their energy management solutions is the use of Solar power, Battery Storage and related Energy Efficiency initiatives to support the ongoing sustainability of golf clubs. In doing so, this opens up new decision-making for the club in how they procure and manage their energy cost with low paybacks.  Their most recent project in the golf industry, was the installation of 160kWs of Solar PV for the Ballarat Golf Club in Victoria.

GMA Executive Officer, Jim Cail said “I’ve had many discussions with General Managers over the past 12 months regarding their contemplation of solar energy, hence we were keen to partner with an organisation who we knew would be able to deliver an outstanding product and service to those clubs keen to explore this path”.

Furthermore, the AEES Group are capable of supporting clubs right across Australia with a range of services that could vary from:

  • advice and auditing regarding their energy consumption
  • the development of a financial model to reduce Grid-derived energy by as much as 60%
  • supporting a club through any tendering process aimed at providing an energy solution
  • total project management (end to end) which could still include a club using a locally based installer.

Richard Martin, Managing Director of AEES Group said “we were thrilled to be selected as the exclusive supplier of renewable energy services to Golf Management Australia.  We look forward to working with GMA members with the primary aim of taking back control of their electricity pricing”.

“This can be achieved using existing and emerging technologies such as battery storage which will allow buying and selling of power at times which benefit the club’s operations.  AEES Group can assist GMA members with the road map to ‘Zero Net Carbon’ facilities delivered in a triple bottom line framework: ‘Financial – Environmental – Social’ objectives” said Mr Martin.

The partnership with AEES Group will see them attend the 2019 GMA National Conference at the MCG in Melbourne and have a presence at selected golf days and state business meetings. 

For further information regarding the AEES Group, please contact Richard Martin on 0413 585255 or at

A testimonial from the Ballarat Golf Club is available on the GMA website, with further information related to the AEES Group found at –

Ballarat Golf Club: Testimonial

Gary Fry, Operations Manager of the Ballarat Golf Club said that “due to the 2017/18 increase in energy prices was incurring considerably higher electricity expenses each month – in excess of $10,000.  The club management undertook an extensive investigation into the potential use of solar power alternatives. AEES Group’s financial modelling and cost benefit analysis allowed the club to make an informed decision and subsequently, AEES was appointed to install a 160 kW Solar Embedded Generator.

The breakeven for the project was below five years and fully financed by the club’s bank.  The aim being to “pay for the system out savings made from the electricity bill”.  No upfront costs were incurred with savings being earned from day one.  The Solar PV system is guaranteed by AEES to generate 213,000 kWh of solar electricity.  Both Grid-Side and Solar-Side consumption/production is monitored live via the cloud by AEES, with automatic fault detection and reporting for each individual component in the installation.

From the initial assessment and business case through to the installation and commissioning of the 160kW Solar System, AEES Group provided accurate and transparent information which made our decision making straight forward. They obviously love the business they are in and have an intricate knowledge of all aspects of it.  Their project management tools shared with us ensured that that we were always aware of and had input to the project’s stages, and the installers ability to work around our shifting timetable was outstanding.  And their performance guarantee is a great addition to the services provided”.

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