Harvey wins on 19th

The winner of the 2018 GMA NSW Matchplay is the well deserving Cameron Harvey of Muirfield Golf Club.

Harvey won the Ken Lyons Trophy earlier this week at The Australian Golf Club on an unusually blustery November day.

“The wind was the biggest challenge on the day,” Harvey said.  “It was very strong and definitely had an impact on the game.”

The other big challenge was his highly competitive opponent John Harrison.

“It was a really tough game. Harrison is a good competitor and chipped in on the first for a birdie which set the tone for the game,” Harvey said.

The players kept winning or losing a hole in the first twelve and Harrison went on to score another two birdies on the front nine to go three up at the turn.

“He was two under for the last 6 of front 9. He made some really good shots.”

The momentum of the game swung in Harvey’s favour for the front of the second nine.

“My luck got a bit better and I made a few chances and made the 10, 11 and 12.”

But then players halved every hole into the 18th all the while playing outstanding golf.

“It was tense and the quality of golf did not falter. If there was a stray shot, there was a great recovery.”

It was not until the 19th hole that Harvey could visualise winning the game.

“On 19th I was lucky enough to hit my ball near the pin, which gave me a one shot buffer. Harrison unfortunately was in the bunker and went long left, ending up next to a tree.

“It was a quality of game and I’d like to thank Harrison for the tough competition.”

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