Nagy wins Operations Manager Award

The Sales and Marketing Coordinator at The Coast Golf Club has won the 2018 GMA NSW Operations Manager of the Year.

Nora Nagy, was thrilled to receive the award at the inaugural Golf Industry Awards Night, held on Monday 22 October at Curzon Hall, Sydney.

“Just being nominated for such an award is a great opportunity, as it gives its receiver the attention needed to convey a message,” Nagy said.

“My intention as the Operations Manager of the Year is to draw attention to the subtle elements of the evolution we are part of in today’s golf scene in Australia.”

The former Hungarian women’s champion was nominated for the award after increasing membership and diversifying revenue streams at The Coast.

“Membership has always been my main focus in terms of retaining and expanding our membership base. As an entry level golf club, we attracted over 450 new members in the four and a half years I have been involved, most of whom are generation X golfers.”

Nagy was instrumental in introducing the new 9-hole weekend competitions which are very popular and ease the busy weekend time sheets.

“The need for this addition became clear to us after consulting members who have been identified as “not overly satisfied” in maximizing their membership as part of a recent internal survey,” she said.

“Careful listening, good timing and reacting are very important factors in a dynamic club such as The Coast.”

Nagy has won an all-expenses paid trip to the 2019 GMA National Conference and is grateful to the organisation for facilitating educational and networking events with managers from other well respected golf clubs.

“At GMA NSW golf days and conferences I have been able to understand insights into the industry, first hand and listen to experienced speakers who allow us to open our eyes to new horizons of our operations,” she said.

“GMA NSW introduced me to the PGA IGI Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Program, which was a logical step for me to continue my education for my professional development and to apply my newly acquired knowledge to The Coast through my assignments and projects.”

Group CEO Grant Martin of Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club won General Manager of the Year. 

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