Yarra’s Vlahandreas wins GMA series 1 qualifier

The Genesis Golf Link Cup GMA leaderboard is an initiative which launched in 2017 and runs in conjunction with Australia’s biggest amateur golf competition.

Run over two series alongside the mainstream competition, the GMA Leaderboard awards a place at the national final in Sydney to the GM who registers a minimum of 50 new participants at their club and has the most Genesis Golf Link Cup points. In Series One, that was Peter.

“A bit of a surprise, really,” was Peter’s reaction when told he would be playing off for the title at one of Sydney’s premier courses in November before enjoying a day in the Genesis marquee at the Australian Open.

“I certainly never expected the quality of my golf to win me much so that was great, but to be able to sign up 50 new players to the competition was very satisfying.

“Many of our members were already a part of the Genesis Golf Link Cup so to add another 50 took some effort.  We worked hard and thanks to a lot of help from the guys in the pro shop we managed to reach the target.”

Peter said being pro-active in explaining the competition format was key to attracting new participants.  “Some people will obviously enter based on the signage and other marketing but for a portion of golfers they really need to have the concept explained almost one on one to see its value,” he said.  “I think given the number of Yarra Yarra members who were already registered it was a case of really going that extra step with those who weren’t yet on board.”

Peter said he was excited to be heading to Sydney in November, particularly after some good natured ribbing between he and good friend Cameron Harvey, GM at Muirfield GC in Sydney.  “Towards the end he was ahead of me for a while there so there was a bit of back and forth by email over the final few weeks,” said Peter.  “It was all in good fun obviously but jokes aside I think it really showed up one of the great strengths of the competition.

“I found it extremely engaging in a peer setting. Cameron is a guy I have a great relationship with but we only ever see each other every couple of years at the GMA conference.  Just having that reason to be in touch was a huge positive and great fun and it’s exactly the sort of networking that you just never know what it can lead to.”

Peter said having a leaderboard running for 15 weeks was also a point of interest and difference which he hadn’t fully appreciated until he was a part of it.  “As golfers we’re naturally competitive but we almost never have a ladder system where you have something to play for beyond just that week’s competition,” he said.  “I found that really engaging and it changed the dynamic of my regular games, as well. When I got near the top of the leaderboard I couldn’t help but think about that while I was playing each week.

“Of course, as soon as I started thinking about it I immediately played a couple of bad rounds but it definitely added an element you don’t normally have.”

Series Two of the Genesis Golf Link Cup GMA leaderboard has already started.

For more information on where you stand, and how the Genesis Golf Link Cup can help you encourage more members to play more golf at your club, click here.

About the Genesis Golf Link Cup

The Genesis Golf Link Cup is played over two series each year with eight golfers from each series winning their way to the National Final. Once entered, the player doesn’t need to do anything but play their regular competition golf and the unique Genesis Golf Link Cup scoring algorithm does the rest. But even better, all registered players who play six rounds of golf in a series are also automatically in the draw to win a luxury Genesis vehicle in that series.

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