Focus on fun rewarded at Kew

Kew Golf Club’s MyGolf program began with 16 juniors in October 2017 and has grown to 40 participants in the eight months since it became a registered MyGolf centre.

“We find that junior golfers want to play the game for real, so we set up a program that focused on achieving goals from tee to green,” explained Anderson.

Throughout the program at Kew Golf Club, which is situated east of Melbourne along the Yarra River, juniors learn the fundamentals of golf then graduate to an on-course program.  Beginner groups learn the fundamentals through weekly lessons focused on putting, chipping, pitching and long game, before building knowledge through the on-course program.

On-course experiences begin on a modified 50m course, with progression to 75m and on to the advanced program at 150m.  They also achieve a series of goals within their groups, in areas such as etiquette, speed of play, rules and course.

“We are trying to create a clear pathway for the junior golfer to maximise their ability,” says Anderson.  Once the junior program is completed, they are offered a cadet membership. Eight juniors had the opportunity to apply for the cadetship this term.  “This membership allows them to have more access to on-course golf and lessons, coupled with gaining a handicap.”

Narelle makes sure that communications with parents are constant throughout the program. A fortnightly newsletter is distributed to both juniors and parents, which provides an overview of the lessons and highlights outstanding achievements.

A report is also sent to the parents at the end of the term to give an overview of everyone’s achievements, whilst parents are encouraged to walk the fairways alongside the juniors each week.

“My favourite parts of the program are the friendships, laughter, fun and rewards,” confirms Anderson with a smile.   “Over the years I have been teaching I have seen many of my juniors grow to become successful adults and lifelong friends.”

“It is a privilege to be teaching amongst some of the great PGA members in Victoria, and this opportunity to grow the game of golf makes all the hard work in gaining my credentials rewarding.”

Visit Golf Australia’s MyGolf page for more information.

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