‘One GMA’ Update

As most of you would be aware, GMA has undertaken a project to develop a more ‘unified’ approach to GMA related activities across the country over the past 12 months.  This project, which is being led by GMA Executive Officer Jim Cail has been progressing well.

The project has involved consultation with each state executive over the past couple of months, with feedback now being addressed in the continued refinement of the proposed national model. 

The GMA Board fully appreciates the movement towards a national approach is a significant commitment for all state executives, and as such the board recognises the need to ‘test’ all elements of a national model, to ensure it will enhance the organisations ability to support the membership.

The GMA Board are looking to endorse a ‘business case’ for consideration by state executives at a board meeting in mid-August.  This business case would include a ‘services agreement’ for supportive states to outsource all operational elements of their business to GMA for a period of two years.

All state executives have been outstanding in their willingness to work with GMA and participate in the consultation process, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their continued commitment to all GMA members across the country.  

Andrew Gay
GMA Chair

GMA Corporate Partners