BMI PROGRAM: Additional Course Facilitator Announcement

GMA, in partnership with Golf Australia are delighted to announce the engagement of Richard Comerford as the latest facilitator to become involved in the delivery of the upcoming BMI ‘Club Management’ courses in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Richard will deliver the finance and accounting unit, along with the cost control unit for both courses and joins fellow facilitators Dr Geoff Dickson from La Trobe University, Professor David Shilbury from Deakin University, and Jason Koenigsfeld the senior vice-president of professional development from the Club Management Association of America.

Richard joins the BMI program having commenced his career as an accountant in 1991.  He has over 25-year commercial experience within the club industry, having worked closely with multiple clients including Crown Limited, The Capital Golf Club, The University of Melbourne and CPA Australia.  In these roles Richard has helped his clients understand and improve the financial drivers of their business processes and operations.

As an educator, Richard has worked for Australia’s leading accounting groups and is known for his ability to cut through accounting jargon and practically explain the important aspects of financial management.   This approach has seen Richard win numerous awards for his teaching and conference leadership skills both locally and internationally.  

In addition to his work as an accounting advisor Richard is currently the Treasurer of an Australian, Top 100, public access course.  In this role Richard has worked very closely with the club’s manager to transform the financial operations of the organisation.  Covering all aspects of club operations, this rebuild has seen the club increase its profit and cashflow by over 300% in the past three years and now sees the club on a financially sustainable footing.

Lastly, and most importantly, Richard is a passionate and very, very average golfer!

To find out more about the BMI courses or to register, please go to the BMI Page.

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