From the new Executive Officer

Jim Cail, Executive Officer, Golf Management Australia Ltd.While for many of you the year is hopefully coming to a successful conclusion, my last couple of weeks as the newly appointed Executive Officer of Golf Management Australia have been a whirlwind of meeting new people, understanding what seems to be a thousand acronyms, and getting my head around the structure of golf in Australia.  However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way….

I’m absolutely delighted to have been appointed to the role, which I officially started on the 5th December 2017. 

Who am I:

Prior to my appointment, I had the pleasure of working for over 11 years with the AFL, having held several different roles, including at AFL head office, AFL Queensland and AFL Victoria.  My last role within the industry was as ‘Strategy and Planning Manager’ for AFL Victoria, which involved multiple governance and administration reform projects, facility development and planning, and managing how our business was delivering on its strategic plan.

Outside of work I reside in Geelong with my wife and two young children, and while I’ve been consumed within a football environment for many years, I have a strong passion for golf, not only as an ‘average player’ with putting issues but also since I began my working life at the Sands Torquay pro-shop, which was my first job straight out of university.

Moving forward I am really excited to get to know all the membership of GMA, and all our important stakeholders, including our state based GMA associations, other golfing entities, and all the corporate partners that support our organisation so wonderfully well.

The Future for GMA:    

My starting point in the role of EO of GMA is clearly to ensure the organisation works for the benefits of all its members.  My role exists to support Golf Club Managers across the country, which includes providing outstanding professional development opportunities.

However, I would like to think we can push this support further given the full-time resource, and GMA will be committed to exploring further strategies designed to not only support you in your roles, but more importantly support you as people. 

Supporting the health and wellbeing of GMA members is no doubt an area I am keen to pursue and develop further. 

As many of you would be aware, a key component of my role will be to continue to explore the ‘one GMA’ model that has been discussed previously.  I sincerely look forward to working closely with all state GMA bodies to ensure any proposed model is developed in the best interest of all GMA members.  Providing existing members with even more benefits is critical.  This piece of work is capable of providing the opportunity for the GMA to become a national leader in the professional development and support of its members.  As a starting point, I’m looking forward to further understanding all the existing opportunities (what’s working well) and all the challenges (what could be improved), currently in place.       

Finally, I once again look forward to meeting you and supporting you wherever possible, and I wish you and your families all the best over the Christmas and festive period.


Jim Cail
Executive Officer
Golf Management Australia Ltd.

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