Global Golf Advisors (GGA) Industry Report

Conference delegates will be aware of the highly regarded keynote presentation by Henry Delozier and his references to the results of the pre-conference survey that was conducted by GGA with support of GMA.

The comprehensive report utilising the analysed response data (45%) and the details make excellent reading for those seeking a significant insight into the golf industry.

Members are encouraged to study the report and they can do so by clicking on the dedicated page within the GGA website –

The GGA website also provides resources to help members implement strategic & business planning and governance reviews along with the survey results & key reports on industry trends.

Henry’s slides and talking points will also be added to the GGA website in due course. Also, Henry and Paul Hinton will be happy to teleconference/follow up with Clubs who wish to know more about the trends and themes discussed in their presentations. 

GMA Corporate Partners