GMV Guest Day Results

Played in mild conditions at Ranfurlie on Friday 24 February GMV members and their guests enjoyed a perfect light lunch before being tested on the challenging course.

Before play host GM Peter Butler, told the gathering how the club had sold off the Amstel course and as a consequence were now upgrading the driving range which would incorporate a number of under cover bays. Also notable was the construction of a large water storage facility and a redesigned 9th hole which comes into play early April.  

The golf course got the better of most of the field and indicative of the challenge was that the best singles score of the day was achieved by Samuel Langford who is the assistant superintendent at Woodlands.  The teams event was won by the MiClub group comprising of Richard Berry, Chris Little, Michael Umbers and Yarra Yarra GM, Peter Vlahandreas and they had a combined score of 91 points (best 2 scores counted on each hole). 

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Clubhouse Burglaries

The number of clubhouses being burgled in recent weeks has reached disturbing levels with Ben Telley reporting that The Eastern clubhouse was accessed over the last week.

CCTV has again captured footage of the thieves though as usual they were well disguised wearing “hoodies” and alike. 

Some years ago when a similar situation was occurring the vigilance of clubs to record and report footage of the suspects resulted in police being able to take action. Similarly a registration number being noted led to another thief being caught who had been breaking into cars. 

“Jamie” from The Dunes has reported that in light of the recent burglaries he thought a call he received questioning when the gates would be locked was somewhat odd which it was even though the caller suggested they were enquiring so as to be able to do “night” photography. 

Please keep your staff aware of the need to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to your local police who may be able to increase patrols in your area. 

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CMAA Post Conference Report – Paul Paterson

Paul Paterson, CEO of Avondale Golf Club in NSW and Strategic Planning Director of Golf Management Australia, recently attended the CMAA 90th World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo in Orlando, Florida.
The Conference is an annual event run by the Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA). The CMAA is the professional Association for managers of membership clubs. CMAA has close to 6,500 members across all classifications. Manager members run more than 2,500 country, golf, city, athletic, faculty, yacht, town and military clubs. The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character; to encourage the education and advancement of members; and to assist club officers and members, through their managers, to secure the utmost in efficient and successful operations.
The association is made up primarily by golf club manager’s (approx 85%) and the others are made up of Yacht/Sailing Club and City Club managers. Of the golf clubs, the majority are private member clubs. Attendees are mainly from the US and Canada; however there were representatives from world golf from over 20 countries with approximately 120 international attendees. In recent years the number of attendees from overseas has grown according to the CMAA.
Whilst the conference was very wide reaching in its topics, the following topics came across strongly during the sessions that I attended:

Membership and Marketing
Social media
Facility Management
Board governance/management empowerment
Interpersonal Skills
Human and Professional Resources
Accounting and Financial management
Staying relevant in the industry and keeping pace with changes in society

The CMAA conference had an extremely high level of professional speakers mixed with highly renowned Club Managers delivering the seminars.
Download CMAA Post Conference Report
Go to the CMAA website
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GMA 2017 Conference Venue and Dates

The exhibitor and education sessions will be held in the Adelaide Convention Centre which is adjacent to the InterContinetal Hotel where delegates will be staying.
With feedback from the survey sent to GMA members who attended the previous conferences, the process of determining the content of the 2017 Conference and identifying the appropriate speakers is well underway to ensure we address the key issues and challenges in the industry and continue the development areas members list as being of priority.
Should you require further information, please contact GMA’s Executive Officer, John Stamp, at

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GMV Professional Development Day @ Box Hill GC

GMV will be hosting a Provisional Members professional development event at Box Hill GC on Friday 26 May.

Anthony White, chairman of the GMV Education Committee stated, this event is being developed with middle management in mind and is one that should be attended by not just GMV provisional members but also others in management positions at our golf clubs and of course GM’s are most welcome to attend”. 

Whilst details are being finalised managers should look to mark the date in their calendars as an excellent array of speakers are being locked in. Currently confirmed are Tom Streater from DWS who are consultants to the hospitality industry, Sonia Kirkman will be presenting on retail management with a focus on merchandising, Greg Oakford from Golf Victoria will present on some of the very successful digital marketing that has been produced in recent months and a speaker from SIAG will provide an update on Industrial Relations. 

There will NOT be any charge to attend this event.

More details, including a booking form, will be sent to all GMV members

Working with Children (New legislation)

New Child Safe Standards

Organisations providing services or facilities specifically for children in Victoria will be required to meet Child Safe Standards from 1 January 2017.

Activities and services provided to children can vary between organisations but all organisations need to focus on building and maintaining a child safe environment.

What is required?
From 1 January 2017 organisations with responsibility for children will need to have in place:

  • child safe policies and codes of conduct
  • screening, supervision and training processes
  • processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
  • strategies to identify, reduce or remove risks of child abuse
  • strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children
  • inclusive approaches for children with a disability, Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Resources to assist organisations to develop systems and processes to meet the standards can be found on the Commission for Children and Young People’s website. Eight partner organisations have also been contracted to develop and deliver sector specific training and resources. Visit our Sector specific support page for further details.

Recent legislative changes
Legislation recently passed will give the Commission new regulatory powers to oversee and enforce compliance with the standards. These new powers will take effect on 1 January 2017, giving the Commission the ability to request information and documents from organisations and inspect premises where services are provided for children, or where a child is engaged to provide services or facilities. The Commission will assist organisations to understand and meet their obligations through information, guidance, advice and other support.

The Commission will also be working with other regulators to promote compliance with the organisations it co-regulates.

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Eastern Mini Conference Blows Us Away

The 2016 GMV Work – Life Balance Mini Conference – was a great success, Attendees enjoyed the range of education sessions/speakers on offer at The Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley. Those who weren’t blown away by the 100 km winds on the Sunday, were more so, by the impressive standard of hospitality provided byhost GM,  Ben Telley and his team.

Guests Speakers, Craig Kelly, Katherine Shone, Stuart Taylor, Steve Herzberg, Greg Oakford and Mary Cole were all excellent, as was Oli Yourn who organised the early morning “exercise”.

A very big thank you to the staff at The Eastern Golf Club who treated us so royally. Also, many thanks to our wonderful sponsors without whom speakers of the calibre that presented to us would not be affordable.

It was great to network with our our friends and our major sponsors from Schweppes, Dan Christie and John Halliwell as well as our support sponsor representatives from MiClub (Chris Little), Hostplus (Arthur Antonellos), Lion (James Lay & Sammy Phillipson), Yamaha (Tony Woodgate), Niche Corporation (Mark Vowles) and Network / Steadfast Insurance Group (Mark Sampieri). We were very sorry that our good friend John Monkhouse from Robert Oatley could not be with us but we certainly enjoyed the wonderful wines they supplied!

2016/2017 Board Elections

At the Annual General Meeting of Golf Management Victoria, held at The Eastern Golf Club on Tuesday 11 October the following were elected: President – Peter Busch (Green Acres GC), Captain – Rod Haines (Latrobe GC), Treasurer – Russell Donovan (Box Hill GC), Secretary – Stewart Fenton (Huntingdale GC), Executive: Barbara Kelly – (Chirnside Park CGC), Ben Telley – (The Eastern GC) and Anthony White – (Kooringal GC).

Standing down from the office of President was Gregg Chapple who was presented with a gift in appreciation of his 4 years in office. Anthony White is the new member on the Executive.