Golf Industry Central named Media Partner for 2017 GMA National Conference

Golf Management Australia (GMA) has formed a new partnership with Australasia’s leading news and information hub for the golf industry, Golf Industry Central (GIC), where GIC will assist in the ongoing promotion of the 2017 GMA National Conference.

This year’s GMA Conference will be held in South Australia at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 8-12 October, and will present an impressive lineup of renowned industry speakers throughout the week.

Supported by Schweppes, the conference, held biennially, provides education and personal development opportunities gained through the selection of professional speakers and facilitating the ability for delegates to network and share information and experiences with fellow managers.

GMA Executive Officer John Stamp said “the new partnership would enable golf managers and other industry leaders in the region to appreciate the many benefits of the upcoming conference.”

Golf Industry Central has been providing industry news, jobs and operational advice throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia since 2008.

GIC Managing Director Mike Orloff said “As a previous Golf Club General Manager and a current member of GMA Queensland, it’s great to strengthen our involvement with the GMA.”

“I’ve attended all the GMA conferences since my first which was on the Gold Coast in 2008, and I see the event as a perfect educational and networking opportunity for everyone throughout the industry.”

“The event has evolved a long way since my first GMA conference and each event just seems to better the previous.”

GMA represents Golf Club Management in Australia and, through state associations, provide professional development and support for members.

Registration to the GMA National Conference 2017 will open soon and non-GMA managers working in the golf industry will be able to register to attend.

GMA Benchmarking Report – Golf Operations

The Golf Operations department is the operating heart of most golf clubs. It is also the area of club operations where the most differences can be found in terms of structure, allocations and financial reporting.

This report therefore focuses on the operational outcomes that emanate from this department, providing some headline measures for a number of key elements within golf operations.

The report, provided by Jeff Blunden from GBAS, presents a number of immediate benchmarks for reference within your own operations, including:

  • Totals & mix of rounds played
  • Member rounds and effective cost per member round
  • Public green fee premiums
  • Golf cart revenues and utilization
  • Operations structure
  • Wage cost
  • Golf shop retail spending

It is hoped that the provision of the benchmarks within this report helps to inform you of the current results being achieved across the wider industry and cause you to reflect upon the outcomes that you are achieving at your club.

Analysis within the benchmarking tool is available on more concise member counts, subscription levels and total revenues.

CMAA Post Conference Report – Paul Paterson

Paul Paterson, CEO of Avondale Golf Club in NSW and Strategic Planning Director of Golf Management Australia, recently attended the CMAA 90th World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo in Orlando, Florida.

The Conference is an annual event run by the Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA). The CMAA is the professional Association for managers of membership clubs. CMAA has close to 6,500 members across all classifications. Manager members run more than 2,500 country, golf, city, athletic, faculty, yacht, town and military clubs.  The objectives of the Association are to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character; to encourage the education and advancement of members; and to assist club officers and members, through their managers, to secure the utmost in efficient and successful operations.

The association is made up primarily by golf club manager’s (approx 85%) and the others are made up of Yacht/Sailing Club and City Club managers. Of the golf clubs, the majority are private member clubs. Attendees are mainly from the US and Canada; however there were representatives from world golf from over 20 countries with approximately 120 international attendees. In recent years the number of attendees from overseas has grown according to the CMAA.

Whilst the conference was very wide reaching in its topics, the following topics came across strongly during the sessions that I attended:

  • Leadership
  • Membership and Marketing
  • Social media
  • Facility Management
  • Board governance/management empowerment
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Human and Professional Resources
  • Accounting and Financial management
  • Staying relevant in the industry and keeping pace with changes in society

The CMAA conference had an extremely high level of professional speakers mixed with highly renowned Club Managers delivering the seminars.

Golf Australia Bulletin

We would have to be living under a rock if we have did not note the missives from Golf Australia regarding two issues that clubs should be cognisant of; but in case you did miss them the following should be read:

1. Handicapping Communication

Please see attached a communication from the Golf Australia Chairman on an amendment to the DSR regulations that will come into effect at 5.00am on Monday 30 January 2017. click here to read the communication.

2. Poster on New Local Rule for Ball Accidentally Moved on the Putting Green

GA has produced a poster (click here to see the poster) to help clubs and golfers with the new local rule that the R&A made available for use from 1 January 2017.

The poster is also available from the following GA webpage –

We would encourage clubs to send a link to this poster to all club members (included for example in a club enewsletter). The web page address to use is

GA will also send 3 copies of the poster to every club.

There is no requirement for a club to include the local rule on their score cards in addition to displaying the poster on a noticeboard. The poster includes an abbreviated version of the local rule which in no way alters the effect of the full version of the text.

More information on the local rule is available from the following page of the GA website –

Golf Australia Telephone 03 9626 5023
Mobile 0409 214 320

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Simon Magdulski Director – Rules & Handicapping,

GMA Benchmarking Tool – Food & Beverage Report





“As a Board, comparing ourselves to our peers, is invaluable. Our General Manager provides eleven Dashboard comparisons at budgeting meetings, and it provides comfort to us as Directors, that we are operationally on the right track. More importantly, if we are not, we find out why and make rational business decisions accordingly. Congratulations and thank you GMA for providing such a powerful tool for our industry”.
Barry Breen, President, New South Wales Golf Club


GMA Announces PGAIGI Scholarship Recipient

A panel comprising of PGA & GMA representatives interviewed the state nominated finalists to determine the recipient of the PGA/IGI Scholarship.

Each of the candidates displayed a high level of pride and passion in their positions at their respective clubs and in the way they presented and answered the interview panels questions. The interview process included a number of set questions that were directed to each candidate with spontaneous additional questions resulting from the commentary.  In reality, each of the candidates would have been worthy recipients of the bursary.

The selection panels unanimous decision after significant deliberation was Brendan Kop from the Penrith Golf Club. Brendan receives the GMA PGAIGI ADOM bursary and each of the states nominations that progressed to the interview stage at National level will receive free registration to the GMA National Conference in 2017.                          

GMA Strategic Plan 2015-2019

  The focus of this plan is to widen the reach of our membership to include not just Club managers, but their senior management teams, who often become Club managers in the future. We also seek to provide ongoing education on key topics, through education sessions and our biennial conference, to be able to equip managers to deliver best practice management practices at Clubs. The national body also aims to provide more uniform services and opportunities across the country through the state organisations and assist them to grow. Our Benchmarking software roll out will continue with processes in place to assist those clubs that require more help.

To view GMA’s Strategic Plan, please GMA Strategic Plan-Member Version-Amended July 2015

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the plan please feel free to contact me personally on (02) 9449 6455  or contact our Executive Officer, David Allen on 0410 225 545..

I look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast for the 2015 Conference in September.

Paul Paterson
Strategic Planning Director.