Eastern Mini Conference Blows Us Away

The 2016 GMV Work – Life Balance Mini Conference – was a great success, Attendees enjoyed the range of education sessions/speakers on offer at The Eastern Golf Club in the Yarra Valley. Those who weren’t blown away by the 100 km winds on the Sunday, were more so, by the impressive standard of hospitality provided byhost GM,  Ben Telley and his team.

Guests Speakers, Craig Kelly, Katherine Shone, Stuart Taylor, Steve Herzberg, Greg Oakford and Mary Cole were all excellent, as was Oli Yourn who organised the early morning “exercise”.

A very big thank you to the staff at The Eastern Golf Club who treated us so royally. Also, many thanks to our wonderful sponsors without whom speakers of the calibre that presented to us would not be affordable.

It was great to network with our our friends and our major sponsors from Schweppes, Dan Christie and John Halliwell as well as our support sponsor representatives from MiClub (Chris Little), Hostplus (Arthur Antonellos), Lion (James Lay & Sammy Phillipson), Yamaha (Tony Woodgate), Niche Corporation (Mark Vowles) and Network / Steadfast Insurance Group (Mark Sampieri). We were very sorry that our good friend John Monkhouse from Robert Oatley could not be with us but we certainly enjoyed the wonderful wines they supplied!

GMA Corporate Partners